YouTube-Google Banned Fullscreen for Mobiles - any Hack-Around Websites?

by Andi Arbeit   Last Updated April 16, 2018 11:12 AM - source

As many of you most likely have already noticed, YouTube-Google banned the fullscreen mode for tablets to feature their (crappy) appstore player in a first step (either that or their coders are not capable of implementing fullscreens, so I guess it’s option one).

Unfortunately we can‘t get some billion users to switch to the good side of the force (vimeo etc.) over night so I‘m asking for a website that may handle Youtube-Googles behaviour in other creative ways.

Please don‘t simply type in URLs here because - pain in the arse number two - your comment get probably marked as spam. Instead, try to give hints.

Thanks in advance, this is very much appreciated.

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