Your Opinion Matters

by babi mc   Last Updated April 24, 2018 09:16 AM

I am a UX designer for years and I came across a project lately that I would really love to know what would you do in this situation:

It’s a website that provide services for different age groups such as <6 , 6-12, 12-25 … They want ONE landing page that attracts ALL these age groups to then lead them through the other pages which specially designed for them. Since I always believe that the age matters a lot on the design, I would really appreciate if you would share your opinion about “how would YOU do this?”. How to add 4 different sections of different age groups in one page?

  • Better via Buttons?
  • Via image slider?
  • 4 rows?
  • 4 columns
  • or?

Thank you so much in advance. Best regards

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