Yes, I'm dumb - I drilled into wall backing my electrical panel

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so... I was drilling into a wall and the drill was having a hard time. I figured I just needed to keep going and I did and it finally went through. Afterwards I realized my electrical panel was directly behind that wall and then noticed metal shavings around. What are the chances I have a huge problem??!!!

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This is hard to answer since we don't know if it caused any mechanical or electrical damage, also is the hole in an area where it could be seen and repaired. I am assuming the answer is no since you didn't say you could see the hole. You simply state there are metal savings. You might want to bring in a trained professional who could safely remove certain parts and investigate the damage. Think of it as "I might have drilled a hole in my brake line, what do I do now."

Stay safe and good luck.

Retired Master Electrician
Retired Master Electrician
September 08, 2018 13:57 PM

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