Xbox 360 Open Tray Error After Replacing Drive

by Rob   Last Updated May 16, 2018 11:14 AM

I have an old (not slim) Xbox 360 Elite console. Recently I started getting the "Open Tray" fault. I tried all the suggestions online (tapping, opening up, cleaning, checking laser position) all to no avail.

I decided to get a replacement drive off eBay, knowing that if I got the same model I could either swap the old PCB into the new drive or failing that flash the new PCB with the key from the original one.

Original: Philips/Lite-on; Model: DG-16D2S; HW Ver: A0A1; FW Ver: 74850C
New: Philips/Lite-on; Model: DG-16D2S-09C; HW Ver: A0A2; FW Ver: 74850C

I've just tried putting the new drive in and was expecting it to read DVDs (not games until I swapped PCB or flashed), however I'm still getting the "Open Tray" fault.

It was my understanding that it should have played DVDs fine, is this correct? I wanted to check before I open the new drive up in case I can return it. Is it possible that the new drive has a fault already (it was listed as new not reconditioned); or do I have a bigger problem with my Xbox?

Many thanks.

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Answers 1

This fix has worked for me with the "double click error" even though it it kind of wierd. I'm not sure it works with the "open tray error" but you might as well try it. So what you'll want to do is first, open the tray and put a disc in. Then close the tray and start gently knocking on the xbox right above where the disc is inside the xbox. Now keep repeating this until it works. It could take a while, but it could not. You might want to try this to for like 5 minutes. check for other methods here

Joanne Clark
Joanne Clark
May 16, 2018 11:08 AM

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