Woocommerce - add another product sizes (like a diameter etc.)

by Luk   Last Updated March 13, 2018 08:08 AM - source

I have a products with the following size parameters:

  • Length (Woocomerce standard)
  • Width (Woocomerce standard)
  • Height (Woocomerce standard)
  • Diameter
  • Thickness
  • Circuit

In the product edit page I have Length, Width, Height (Woocomerce standard)

I would like to add my other sizes parameters

I think I could just add custom fields in "woocommerce_product_options_dimensions" action, but I'm worried about sizes integration in the future.

Maybe shoud I add this to get_dimensions() WC_Product method? it is possible?

I saw couple posts with modification "woocommerce_format_dimensions" filter, but it was about change Height to Diameter (it's not what i need)

How can I add this extra sizes properly?

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