Wok seasoning.. Again

by Nat   Last Updated September 11, 2019 18:17 PM - source

Hi so after removing old seasoning on my wok with vinegar baking powder and a lot of scrubbing, i tried to season it again. But i could not get any good results ( https://imgur.com/gallery/9xHfndA ) As you can see the oil did not act as a layer but like some drops dripping.. I am sure i didnt use too much (it was really a thin layer) but once starting to burn, the oil grouped in these weird lines. Could that be the patterns of my towel showing off? I am really confused... I am doing it over the gas stove because i dont have any oven. If anyone can help it is really annoying because its the only pan i have right now and the small seasoning i made still peeled when cooking... Thanks!!

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