Wiring a new GFCI outlet and switch in same box

by fotosetc   Last Updated October 09, 2019 18:21 PM - source

We bought an old house to renovate and came across this situation in a bathroom and it is definitely not up to code. There is a regular outlet and a switch to lights above the mirror near the sink. There are also a couple terminals with two wires. So I want to wire this correctly using a GFCI outlet. I will have to test it to be sure, but I believe the line in is 14/2 wire to the outlet first and 14/3 wire connecting switch to lights and also connected to outlet. I am not there to see how it is exactly connected, but regardless, I want to connect it correctly. Can someone please help?? Also there is no ground with the 14/2 and it is a plastic box.

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