Windows Server Backup (WSB) on iSCSI Disk - space not freed after Backup deletion

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I'm at a loss here and wanted to ask for your help.

I take care of the IT infrastructures and backups of some external companies.

This week, I've already had the same issue of no more space on the backup target disk, with two different clients. The Setup for both is as follows:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Backup via Windows Server Backup, WSB

  • Target is an iSCSI Volume located on a QNAP NAS

  • WSB did not automatically free up any space to continue to Backup before the target volume was full

With the first company, "A", I assumed that the "Automatic Disk Usage Management" just didn't do it's job with deleting the oldest backups to free up space. So I ran the wbadmin delete backup -keepoldest command for 3 times, to delete about 20% of all Backups. No errors thrown.
But even after some days now, the space is not getting freed on the NAS.

Now I'm in the same place with Company B, having 720 Backups in store. I ran wbadmin delete backup -KeepVersions:690.

This time there's errors, paraphrasing (sorry, the original is in German):
"Do you want to delete the entry from the catalog" -> Yes -> "Error while deleting Backup 12/25/2016-11:00: The media type is invalid".
However, the WSB GUI shows the amount of backups reduced by the desired amount.

Does anyone have experience the issue of running out of disk space using iSCSI? Is there a way to make WSB reliably free up space as needed - or rather free up space at all? Any pointers?

Your help is much appreciated!

Best regards,

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