Windows can't click inside certain windows

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So I've had this bug for a while, but it's getting more and more annoying...

It's the bug, that prevents me from clicking on windows. When I'm hovering over a button on the blocked program, I can see it change, as it normally would, but when I click on it, nothing happens, just like something was in the way.

Firstly, I've had problems with old Minecraft launcher, which was fixed after I updated Java from 7 to 8, but there are other programs, which aren't working and aren't written in Java, AMD CCC for example, so Java's probably not the cause.

Also, I've been having problems with the fullscreen overlay block, which blocks the whole screen, until I do CTRL + ALT + DEL and then press CANCEL two times.

I've read on the forums, that the cause could be GPU drivers and/or network drivers, but I just reinstalled Windows 7 yesterday and the problem is back. I've also installed Malwarebytes to scan the system, but it comes back as clean. Also, I have disabled UAC(if that's in any way relevant).

My specs (if needed):

  • CPU: FX-8320E 3.8GHz
  • GPU: HD 7950 3GB
  • RAM: 16GB Corsair RAM
  • OS: Winblows 7 Ultimate
  • Corsair SSD 275GB
  • 12TB of HDDs

Does anyone have any idea about what could be causing this behaviour and how to fix it?

Answers 1

I would say your copy of Win7 is faulty. Try to reinstall the system from a different copy. If the problem persists, I'd move on to test the hardware.

  1. Install the system on a different/new harddrive and test again.
  2. Check the PSU cables
  3. Try on a different motherboard with the same harddrive and test again.

Point is, something is faulty. If you are sure the software is ok, then move to the OS and after, the hardware.

Ricardo S.
Ricardo S.
October 12, 2018 09:13 AM

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