Windows 10 still freezing after fresh install

by MatthewC   Last Updated September 11, 2019 09:01 AM - source

this is my first time posting on this forum, so excuse me if I make a mistake or two.

It first started with my computer freezing for a few seconds and then rebooting by itself. I hadn't installed any particular program so I wasn't sure what could be the problem. I looked at different solutions around the internet, like updating my drivers, and couldn't find a solution which fixed my problem.

This led to me just wiping the system and starting afresh. Once wiped, I installed the following applications:

  • GeForce Drivers
  • Google Chrome
  • 1Password
  • Blizzard (Including Overwatch)

At first, everything worked fine, but then, 2 hours later, whilst in Overwatch, the game became "glitched", and the menu disappeared. I could still move my mouse, but whilst in the desktop, I couldn't select anything, and neither could I Alt+F4 overwatch. I looked at the Windows Logs, a specific article said to look at ones with ID 1001. Doing so I discovered 3 things, the first crash was caused by Razer Synapse installing itself in the background, whilst the second one was caused by Skype, and the third one seemed to have been caused by OW. However, then the logs became more generic, and it was no longer specifically pointing at OW, or any other program.

The was the problem presents itself is in by the main monitor freezing, whislt the other two go "black". I'm not sure if this is relevent, but before I upgraded my main monitor, I did not have any issue, although I've been told the chances of the monitor being the root of the problem is unlikely.

I should also note that before I reset Windows 10, I would log in, and after 5 minutes the computer would freeze.

Due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to diagnosing Windows Errors, I don't really know what else to include.

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