Will a lading indicator over a content before bootstrapping an app will affect my SEO?

by Eliya Cohen   Last Updated October 10, 2019 08:04 AM - source

I built a landing page using Angular. Since you may know, without Client/Server-side rendering, crawlers can't obtain any data since all the dom is being manipulated by Javascript.

Therefore, I prerendered my app so it would be possible for crawlers to obtain my app's data.

So far so good.

My landing page starts with intro animations right at the start. And I've noticed that it happens twice (first because of the prerender, and second because the app has beinng bootstrapped).

After some research, I couldn't find a solution for it, so I thought maybe I should put a placeholder (a loading indicator) over the animation (which has content such as H1) as long as the app hasn't being prerendered.

My question is, will it impact my SEO? the loading indicator should be presented for like 0~1s after full reload.

disclaimer: got redirected from stackoverflow to webmaster. If the question doesn't belong here, do tell.

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