Why would someone want a 15" vacuum sealer over a 12"?

by Behacad   Last Updated October 18, 2018 18:17 PM - source

I am looking at a vacuum sealer. It seems pretty typical with a 12" seal bar. This is a Foodsaver type, and not a vacuum chamber. However, for a few more dollars (there's a sale) I can get a larger one with a 15" seal bar.

I'm not even sure if people regularly seal with bags 15" wide. I'm assuming those bags would be pricier too. I don't expect to be sealing long fish or ribs or anything with any regularity, and if I did, I could just seal them long-ways instead of width-ways.

Why would I want a 15" vacuum sealer over a 12"?

If this post is considered too subjective, just ignore whether "I" need one, and share with me why someone would want one.

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