Why would brand new android tablet run so slowly?

by Sandra Wagler   Last Updated October 18, 2018 11:11 AM - source

I just purchased a southern telecom st1009 2in1 tablet with 6.0 marshmallow operating system. Since the day I took it out of box, it runs so incredibly slow, I can't accomplish a task. It literally will take up to an hour to get one task done, due to it constantly freezing up, crashing, or every app I try launching states that it's not responding, leaving only 2 options of either "OK" or "wait". It's so aggravating having to wait for it to be rebooted all the time, I just give up, and continue on my android phone. Is this select make and model tablet known to have this problem? I may as well throw it in the trash, because there's not too much I can do with a tablet that takes forever to do anything. Even such a task as checking my e-mail is a constant battle of waiting...waiting...and waiting...

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