Why might form values not be passed from input to values?

by RaisinBranCrunch   Last Updated January 12, 2018 20:07 PM

Somewhere between buildForm and validateForm the $form_state's 'input' becomes the 'values'. The values are listed as 'null'. For some reason, some sort of validation from core seems to be preventing only SOME of my values to be left behind, and there's no reason I can come up with, because the data is identical. Both are textfields representing URLs. My form is kind of complicated, so I can't post it unfortunately.

I have a feeling the problem is involving ajax somehow. The fields which are failing are fields which are added to the form by ajax. Sometimes the values turn to null, and other times the values turn to an empty string.

Where should I look in core to figure out what validation might be getting mad at my fields? Do you know of any typical thing that might prevent a user's input from passing to values?

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