Why is it when I change my animation and delete keyframes it deletes keyframes from a different animation?

by Anthony   Last Updated November 08, 2018 23:15 PM - source

I have 4 animations actions, idle, walk, run, woodcutting.

I swap between the different animations actions to show each of their dope sheets and then I delete the woodcutting keyframes, but in doing so it deletes the idle animations action keyframes. Why is that?

enter image description here

I'm finding it very frustrating learning Blender, any advice would be great. I need to delete the Woodcutting keyframes so I can start over...

How do I delete Actions? I've read the best way to do it is through the NLA editor but there's no right click option when mousing over an action and clicking Delete Strips in the Editor tab doesn't appear to do anything.

I've clicked the + icon 2-too many times, and of course the X icon doesn't delete the active action, it just clears the selection.

Here's a link to the file (and sorry its on Dropbox. Not sure what else to use):


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