Why does Chrome's HTTPS validation show the "!" icon for Mixed Content, but when I have Developers Console open, reload, it says fully secure

by Tony DiNitto   Last Updated August 10, 2019 18:04 PM - source

I have a secure (HTTPS) website which Chrome displays the "!" icon in the URL bar denoting that that I have Mixed Content. So I hit F12 (Developers Console), go under the Security tab, which says there's mixed content, and to Reload the page.

After reloading the page, it says that the content is fully secure. I've tried different computers, incognito tabs, and clearing cache/cookies and this persists.

Regardless, every time I load a page without Developers Console open, it will say it's Mixed Content. As soon as I open Developers Console and browse around the site, Chrome will say it's fully secure.

This only happens in Chrome (not Edge).

Example of Chrome's Dev Console below:

enter image description here

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