Why do we even bother to care about pronouns?

by Aphrodite   Last Updated October 19, 2019 13:24 PM - source

Basically the code of conduct just changed in relation to gender pronouns. I wonder why it matters. Isn't the biggest bad to LGBTQ+ members of the community treating them differently? I mean I don't mind being called a he or a she, and forcing people to call me a ze is just making them do something unnatural. Why don't we just freely call people whatever gender we want to call them? I mean I sometimes call people online the gender of whoever I talked to in real life, which leads sometimes to me calling someone he then she then he. They didn't seem to mind, and as long as we are clear on who we are referring, it is okay, right?

Can we ignore pronouns? If we can't, why not? What is offensive about using a wrong pronoun?

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