Why are my beef short ribs still chewy after 5 hours?

by Lars Panzerbjrn   Last Updated July 11, 2019 11:17 AM - source

So I got some of these beef short ribs...
I used the instructions from here and here...
In short:
Kamado at 250-275f
Short Ribs in for 4-5 hours
The ribs themeselves has a layer of meat, then a small layer of fat, and then the meat on the ribs themselves.
The top layer gets reasonably soft and edible, but the main chunk of beef is much too chewy still.

I've had two goes at this, the first time the temperature was closer to 300f, and a bit shorter cooking time. In both cases, I stuck a toothpick in both parts of meat, and it went in as if the meat was soft and tender. Basically: What am I doing wrong? Not enough time? Not enough heat?
I worried that I might overcook them and dry them out. So I might try again, but wrap them in foil halfway through...

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