Which is best software design for heavy query based app

by Badulake   Last Updated May 16, 2018 11:05 AM

I am in charge of design an application (.NET) that has these features:

  • It´s a desktop app (maybe in the future will be web-based)
  • It´s funcionality is to provide users analized data retrieve from database. It is done by performing heavy queries trasnformed in grpahs and grid-tables User analize the data to take decissions.
  • Database will be migrated from Oracle => SQL Server

My doubts/questions are:

A)I want to put all the logic inside the app, avoiding the use of stored procedures in the database. I don´t like he fact they can not get tested and thei appearance of being a black-box outputting data. I am right? I prefer to have them implemented in Linq or other approach you think could fit. Do you see some disadvantage on that? Probably memory issues? ( The managed data contains thousands of records)

B) The queries logic should go in the domain layer. Which will be a good pattern/approach to store them?

C) Do you know a nice approach to unit test the queries in LINQ? Fake data, moqs, etc? Some advice on that?

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