where to look if ubuntu server stop working?

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Well I guess it is some kind of log I can see and I have look inside the


but still can't find what have happend to my ubuntu server.

Three days in a row it just stop working and just freeze and I have to power off and then power on again. When it frezze it just stop working and I can't use SSH or the keyboard so I just have to power off. It is maybe some script I have done something wrong but when I don't know what to look after then is not easy for me to fix it :)

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The one that got written last so do a

ls -ltr /var/log/*

The one at the bottom is most likely the one. Otherwise it will be one with a date that is relatively new.


would always be my 1st to check.

One thing you can check is all the crontabs you have. A problem will arise if you have a script that is executed every X minutes and takes X+Y minutes to finish where the script does not check it is already running... you will, at some point, clog the server with that script.

October 15, 2019 17:50 PM

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