Where do i have to look for the Resource Parameter in my OAuth 2.0 authorization code request?

by lxg95   Last Updated July 11, 2019 11:03 AM - source

I did enable Authorization for my Laravel Web Application with OAuth 2.0 authorization flow as it is described here.

The first step there is requesting an authorization code.

The Endpoint therefore looks like that


But i don't really know what i have to use for the resource-Parameter in it. The guidance says i have to look for the "App ID URI" of the "target web API" as you can see in this section of this OAuth guidance.

In the guidance is explained that i have to "click Azure Active Directory, click Application registrations, open the application's Settings page, then click Properties".

I just can't find anything like "Properties" or "App ID URI" or "resource" on my application's Settings Page.

Does anyone know where i have to look for that?

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