Where did my creme brûlée go wrong?

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I’ve watched and read a lot on creme Angela is, brûlée and caramel. In two attempts the final product has improved a lot, but I’m not sure where this is going wrong. Could someone help, please?


This is only a small, test batch.

150ml thick, double cream 3 medium egg yolks 2 tbsp caster sugar (sorry for the mixed metrics) 2tsp vanilla essence


Slowly heat the cream and sugar to just boiling, gently stirred with a wooden spoon.

Add vanilla essence and take from heat to cool. I poured into a glass jug and sat that in a bowl of cold tap water (no ice, just as it is from the tap) until the jug was not warm to the touch.

Use a hand whisk to beat the eggs until slightly lighter in colour and smooth.

Gradually (very!) pour in the cooled cream and mix the egg/cream mixture (not beating.)

Pour into 3 small ramekins stood in a baking pan.

Pour freshly boiled water into the pan and insert into a preheated oven at 140 Celsius (fan, though I don’t have an oven thermometer) for 25 mins.


At 25 mins the tops were I nice yellow, just turning very light brown but we risen in the middle with a gentle curve from side to side. Reminded me of baked eggs.

enter image description here

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