When using Windows 10 Backup, is it possible to persist defined folders after changing drives?

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I'd like to have a simple system in Windows 10 where I backup known folders daily to an external drive for two weeks, then switch that out with a second external drive, and repeat this process every again every two weeks.

This mostly works.


When connecting the drive at the start of a two week process, by using the Backup>More options>See advanced settings>Select drive option I can select the existing backup.

existing backup instances

This allows me to easily see (and restore) old files through the convenient Backup>More options>See advanced settings>Restore files from a current backup option.

The problem is that once this drive is selected, it depopulates the Backup/Excluded folders, so I have to spend a chunk of time selecting the relevant folders.


Can I conveniently use two drives with Windows backup, not having to redefine folders when I switch out backup drives every two weeks?

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