What would the rules be about creating threads regarding other users, and encouraging other users to vote bomb them?

by Steven Ian Gall   Last Updated August 01, 2020 05:24 AM - source

I am just wondering what the rules are here regarding making threads about other users, and whether it is considered a professional, or an unprofessional way of encouraging other users to vote bomb them?

Particularly using labels such as "Newbie" et cetera?

Surely if a persons threads are so bad, then people will vote them down anyway, using their own mind, without a person requiring to make a thread asking other users to vote bomb them?

The system here seems to be a good one. But there appears to be a few flaws.

Surely the sytem is broken, if it is ok to go to Meta, make a thread about a newbie, and ask how one can get this newbie suspended, and then get a response that equals "vote bomb them".

Surely the system is flawed, if it becomes ok, after that person is suspended, and is ensured that no-one else will find out about their suspension, and after receiving this message "It is a private, confidential communication mechanism between such and such community moderators and users. Our goal is to amicably resolve issues in a constructive way through direct communication. Please note that continuing to persist in problematic behaviors is grounds for timed suspension." they find the moderator that sent them that message posting updates of the persons where-abouts in order to encourage people to follow him and farther vote bomb him? Surely the system is flawed if the newbie after being sent that letter of confidentialty, then goes to Meta, to find his suspension being discussed by other users in comments sections?

Is this supposed to be self moderation? Surely this is "abuse" of self moderation? I apologise if you do not like my opinion.

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