what Windows 10 file permission will allow a 2nd Win10 computer to read files on first?

by Doug Null   Last Updated December 06, 2018 15:01 PM - source

I get "Access is denied" when my 1st windows 10 computer tries to access files on my 2nd Win 10 computer.

What permission should I use on 2nd computer's files?

I added my account to files of 2nd computer, and this appears as:

BACKGROUND DETAILS... 1st computer maps 2nd computer to O: on 1st computer without problem. I can use file explorer on 1st computer to access all files on 1st computer.

But I have a batch .bat backup file that uses robocopy to copy files from 2nd computer to Q: on 1st computer, which is my mapped external hard disk.

When this batch attempts to copy files from O: (2nd computer) to Q: I get "Access is denied".

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