What was the reason behind changing copy-link edit box behavior?

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tl;dr: What was the reason for disabling Ctrl+X shortcut on text field used for sharing URLs to each question and answer. This change and the force to use Ctrl+C instead seems to me very odd and counterproductive. I am looking for a reasons to understand this change.

Some time ago an edit box that holds permalink to selected question or answer (and the whole "Share" functionality) was changed. The cut operation / Ctrl+X shortcut is no longer supported. Only copy operation / Ctrl+C shortcut is now supported.

For years of using SE I learnt myself a quick combination of Ctrl+X (cut) / Ctrl+Tab (switch tab) / Ctrl+V (paste). This is no longer working.

In general, way outside SE, I am much more used to actually cutting piece of text from source rather than copying it. Reasons seems quite obvious:

  • When cutting, source text disappears and you can -- without looking at the keyboard -- be sure that you hit the correct combination of keys and it is "safe" to do quick switch to another tab and even quicker paste.

  • When copying, source text remains in place and you are not sure, if you hit Ctrl+C or missed a key, until you look at the keyboard or until you actually try to paste text.

For person that is writing (and copying and pasting) without looking at the keyboard and who is writing at approx. 300 letters per minute these few milliseconds break can do the difference. Especially, if you do dozens of copy-paste operations per minute.

Above mentioned change and the need to use Ctrl+C instead of Ctrl+X seems quite odd to my and certainly is very counterproductive. It forces me to change the combination that I've been using for years, semi-automatic. I'd like to understand reasons behind that change.

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