What to use as a screed edge along a brick wall?

by DaveInCaz   Last Updated July 12, 2019 10:21 AM - source

I'm planning to pour a concrete slab along a brick wall and need to plan how I will screed it smooth.

Three sides of the rectangular slab will have a removable wooden form, but the fourth side is against a brick wall. The question is: what to use as a screed guide along the brick wall?

Any material I put there will tend to get concrete packed up against it. So it either needs to be something sacrificial I can just leave embedded in the slab, or be able to pull out after the screeding is done but before the concrete has set hard (and then touch up just that small area).

The length of this side is about 18' (6m).

The simplest option would be to screw a 1/2" board to the brick and abandon it in the concrete. But just in case any moisture wicks in that seems like a poor choice.

This edge will be covered in the end so appearance isn't important.

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