What order do stars get filled out in RTL locales?

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I am implementing a star rating system for an app, which should support several RTL locales. RIght now, when the user hovers over a star, all stars to the left of it are filled in, like so:

★☆☆☆☆, for a one star rating;
★★☆☆☆, for a two star rating;
★★★☆☆, for a three star rating.

I looked at this question, which discusses which side to fill in stars for different text justifications, and the overwhelming consensus is to stick with LTR, where Evil Closet Monkey says that

Justifying text to the right does not alter my interaction/reading of that text. I still read it as I would a left-aligned block.

In an RTL locale, would I make something like


for a one-, two-, and three-star rating, respectively?

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