what material should i use for cutting board?

by Michael Ben David   Last Updated July 12, 2019 02:17 AM - source

what material should i use for cutting board? and which dulls more the knives?, as many cookers might know that wood cutting boards can be bad for use if it is not cleaned after use, because the growth of bacterias and even mold on there, also wood absorbs moist, color, and smells of what was chopped like garlic for example, also i have read that plastic ones also might be bad for use, and i have tried a glass cutting board which are really unconfortable for use, but safer for cleaning, tho i have one but i dont use, because its unconfortable when cutting and harmful because very its sloppy tho, and also i think it would dull the knife a lot, also i wouldnt use an iron,steel, or aluminium cutting board (if them exist) for same reason. btw i always keep my knives sharp with help ofthe bottom of a mug when they need some sharping. btw do you any trick to clean a wood cutting board of bad smells?

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