What is the impact when purchasing a competitor domain?

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I have a website for designers of wedding invites. They show their work on the site. Where my goal is to send as much traffic as I can to the designers websites. In return the pay me for their spot on the website. In Dutch it's called a vergelijkingssite.

I have the chance to purchase the domain of one of my competitors. This is a site with about 100 pages ranked in google. They asked me what I want to offer for the domain.

Before I decide this I was wondering, does it have any impact good or bad on my ranking if I purchase this domain. Add it to my main domain as domain pointer. And then redirect all ranked pages of the purchased domain to similar pages on my own website?

A bit more information about the domain name I want to purchase, because it once was the place to go to when you wanted a wedding invite. It has more links pointing to it and a better domain authority (Moz) then my domain has.

Thanks in advance

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