What happens if minoritiy parts of a communitty are allowed to dictate "correct" behaviours?

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I am really far from being an advocate about discriminating minorities in any community, be it in a political or social context.
I consider myself rather as an anarchist, who prefers to debate any conflicts at the very concrete cases, rather than to give generalized guidelines.

My Issue

I am not happy with the recent discussions appearing regarding the planned changes for the CoC.

The mentions of Be nice, No harrassment should ever have been sufficient to moderate the tone for any posts (be it questions, answers or comments) here.

Now we see that some minorities (I have no concrete data, but I think these are, because they claim that themselves), will demand to be treated in a special way (using irregular pronouns, whatever).
Manifesting such in a CoC doesn't look right for me.

Do we really need to change this?

We're all equal, and we're all should be respected regarding human rights.

IMHO, introducing special interests to be treated different from all other users will lead to decay of the overall quality of content posted here (I mean all of the SE sites).

That just would lead to the dictatorship of minorities, and I am clearly against that.

More people would tend to hide missing quality of their posts, and defend it regarding their special status.
That's not how science works, you have to provide the facts, bolts and numbers. Otherwise you're not fitting, no matter what you think about your identity or disabilities1.

That's just my 2¢. Feel free to kill me now.

1)I am counting myself to be a member of a slightly disabled group from the Asperger's spectrum.

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