What are the differences between pnumatic nail types like "smooth" and "ring" for house framing?

by Nick   Last Updated December 08, 2017 12:21 PM - source

I'm getting my material list together to frame a house and am a bit confused by all the similar looking pneumatic nails which all have a slightly different wording/features and different prices, sometimes subtle and sometimes not.

On the takeoff a lumber yard created for me, there are several types of nails listed. They are:

  • Pneu-Fast PF SP12D 3-1/4" x 0.131" NA
  • Pneu-Fast SP8D 2-3/8" x 113 2.5M RS Ring Shank Bright
  • HITACHI HI13367 2 1/4X092 RG HDG
  • GGNC15 1-1/4X120W PS GV 7.2M

I believe the last two are for siding and roofing respectively. But when are SP12D nails used vs SP8D when framing?

Second, when I look these nails up, there are actually several flavors and options for the same size nail:

  • Ring Hot Galvanized
  • Smooth Brite Ring
  • Brite Ring
  • Hot Galvanized
  • Smooth Hot Galvanized

What do these terms mean, and when should I use a certain type?

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