What are the core befits of using Laravel over plain PHP

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I'm uncertain if this question belongs here

I've been coding websites for a while, and I've heard a lot of people use Laravel instead of just plain PHP, the main benefit I could find was that it saves time when coding a new website.

My questions are:

  • What are the benefits of Laravel over plain PHP?
  • Would large companies use Laravel when creating a website?
  • Are there any security issues that should be kept in mind?

Unsure if this question is okay for posting here, but I feel like it's a good talking point for developers and as it doesn't contain code it's too broad and not about a specific function/code to be on StackOverFlow.

Any information about Laravel and suggestions on where I should get started would be great, I understand that this is could be one of those go to google type of question, but I would like to see where you suggest I start. (I learn by doing)

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