What's causing my window drag delay?

by GaborBartal   Last Updated October 16, 2018 21:01 PM - source

I have a strange issue: When I drag a window on its title bar with the cursor, nothing happens, the window stays there, and after I have passed a certain radius the whole window snaps to the cursor and continues pixel-perfect in sync with my cursor move.

  • If I move quickly, there is only a tiny amount of freeze, barely noticable
  • If I move slowly enough, the window never actually moves until I stop the cursor, then the window snaps to the cursor...

Regardless of when it snaps, afterwards it works properly, window stays synced with the cursor.

If I did not explain it well, I'm happy to take a video

  • Happens with all types of windows
  • It's a relatively new image, installed Win a few months ago.
  • Mouse: Cougar 700M, 1000 Hz poll rate, but tested all the way to 125 Hz.
  • Monitor: 144 Hz 1080p
  • Windows 10 Pro x64, legit, up to date
  • AMD R7 1700 + AMD VEGA 56
  • All drivers all up to date

Any idea? Thank you!

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