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With today large screen resolution (1920 screen width rules now), I need to decide between using the full width of the screen (liquid) versus fixed with (padding with white margin over 1366px for example).

Our main a web applications has tables, lists, complex forms and is designed to be used mainly on organisation Desktops.

While using all screen width can be great in terms of complex layouts such as master-detail, many charts and tables, I am aware that elements that are in the far left/right corners can be ignored easily. I see that many web apps goes for the full screen width (slack, Asana, Jira, Salesforce). Any ideas, thoughts or references regards such decision?

Thanks, Iris--

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A lot depends on the overall structure of the application for example, use a hybrid is possible. I notice the trend that modern sites are more flexible

Full screen resolution:


  • greater control over the template
  • using %, em and rem scales more easily on more resolutions


  • display issues on custom resolutions (personally I have LG 2550x1080)
  • more visual errors may occur

It's good idea to define a grid regardless of your decision or some universal design pattern that will keep the page in a clear and consistent structure

Piotr Żak
Piotr Żak
August 13, 2019 09:22 AM

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