VPN apps won't work on my device

by EpicDragon 68   Last Updated January 12, 2018 20:11 PM

i used to have a VPN app that i used for 2 years it was working fine till today when it refused to connect, when i pressed on the connect it would keep loading without any results, so i uninstalled it and searched for another VPN on the Google Play Store, downloaded and installed it, then i opened it pressed on Connect it showed the Android warning where it says" an app is trying to start a vpn connect" pressed on accept, and the app kept loading like the first one refusing to connect, so i uninstalled it and tried a third one same thing happened, now i have tried at least +10 VPN apps all of them displays the Android VPN warning then they keep loading, they are all well known VPNS i am sure you heard about them all, so i am sure it's not a problem with the apps, i tried to install a VPN on my other phone (the VPN i used for 2 years) and it was working fine so i am sure that it ain't a WIFI or Network problem, the problem is from my phone, what can i do? I badly need a VPN

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