Vibrating attic fan

by rrauenza   Last Updated August 14, 2019 03:21 AM - source

I recently replaced the motor in my PR3 Master Flow attic fan.

The fan with the the new motor vibrates significantly more than the old one. I may have been a little too aggressive trying to get the fan blade back up through the motor's suspension yoke. Some of the blades may have been tweaked...

I beliwve Master Flow doesn't make replacement blades for this model. (I've emailed them to verify.)

I could try a generic fan blade or try to straighten them - what would be the best approach?

If fixing the blade is best, what is a good way to straighten them as visually it is really hard to tell any blades are out of spec - the blades actually look fine.

If bending is just not practical, can I find 3rd party blades that will fit? I assume they usually attach with some kind of set screw?

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