Version Control UI

by anonymous   Last Updated April 23, 2018 18:16 PM

I want to make an efficient design for version control in a web app. Let’s say the app is an editor that allows users to build visual content. And let’s say that I want users to be able to access “versions” of their content at any time in the future, even if they leave the app.

The way I’m currently holding the functionality is that saving the content and saving a version of the content are different. Perhaps a user just wants to save every 2 minutes to prevent losing their work... but I don’t want 15 different versions with only minor changes to be saved and displayed on the app.

How do I go about approaching this? Should there be a “save” and “save as” option?

Also, if the user is scrolling through the options and he/she wants to replace his/her current work with an older version, how would that interaction feel like? Should there be another button?

Maybe all the functionalities need to be put into an “actions” drop down? Not sure!

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