Using width for caption introduces offset of said caption

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I wanted to use


To adjust the width of my caption to the width of the table. However, it introduces a significant offset of the caption.

Without the setting above:

%% Sets page size and margins
%% set width of captions to width of table
  \caption{\label{tab:tab}Bliblablubb, why does this have an offset I wonder? Bliblablubb, why does thi
    \textbf{asdasd} & \textbf{cvbcvbce} & asdasdasdasds & sdsdsdsdsdsdsds& sdsdsdsdsdssd\\
         asdf           &            &    &      &   \\
                        &            &    &      &   \\
                        &            &    &      &   \\
                        &            &    &      &   \\   

Table and caption look like this:

No offset of caption but it is too wide

If I comment in the \usepackage[width=0.75\textwidth]{caption} line, it looks like this:

enter image description here

While the caption has the right width, it is significantly offset. I do not understand the reason for this.

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