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I am writing a document with many hyperlinks between the text and Figures, Tables and References, courtesy of \hyperref. When the reader clicks a hyperlink in the text to one of these document itmes, I would like to provide a return button on each of the items so that the busy reader can easily click and go back to the previous document area. I prefer to use an Adobe Acrobat "go back" button rather than using command-up arrow because this is simpler for the reader, I believe. I also prefer my "button" approach to the implementatin in the \backref package which is used for citations and references.

In my previous question,@JasperHabicht provided an excellent solution for the Figures and Tables. I would love a similar solution for each reference. Ideally I would like the button (a red triangle) placed at the beginning of each reference or at the end, as desired. There are biblatex solutions (eg, but a bibtex solution is necessary, as journals seem to not use biblatex.

MWE, with solution for Figures and Tables, but not references:

\usepackage{geometry} % see geometry.pdf on how to lay out the page. There's lots.
\geometry{a4paper} % or letter or a5paper or ... etc



% Remove square brackets from first author(s) in bibliography
%\renewcommand{\@biblabel}[1]{\quad#1}%<--- \quad gives space of width letter "M" and indents bibliography by same
\renewcommand{\@biblabel}[1]{#1}%left flush

\renewcommand{\figurename}{\Acrobatmenu{GoBack}{$\blacktriangle$} Figure}
\renewcommand{\tablename}{\Acrobatmenu{GoBack}{$\blacktriangle$} Table}

\usepackage{hyperref} % use command left arrow to return to exact reference in Adobe Reader



\title{My Red Car}

Fuzzy and Wuzzy drove the little red car all the way to toy town~\citep{Fuzzy:2009aa}.


\bibitem[\protect\citename{Fuzzy et~al., }2009]{Fuzzy:2009aa}
Fuzzy, S., and Wuzzy, B.E. (2009).
\newblock What a pretty red car you have!
\newblock Fuzzy goes big. \emph{5}, 1-20.



\includegraphics[width = 0.5\textwidth]{example-image-a}
 \textbf{Fuzzy said yes.} What a wonderful affirmation.

\begin{tabular}{ r r r }
one & two & three \\
 \textbf{Fuzzy said no.} She is strong and proud.



enter image description here

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