Unforseen development during Ubuntu installation

by Ronald Arjune   Last Updated August 14, 2019 02:02 AM - source

I'm thinking of installing Ubuntu 18.04.3 on my dad's Windows 7 computer because support is ending for Windows 7. Don't I just boot with the installation disk and everything would be easy and I would be told what to do without complication during installation? Wouldn't the right partitions be created automatically and I won't have to worry about my computer breaking? Do I really have to disable secure Boot and fast start in BIOS and if yes, how? It seems that some sources are making it deliberately hard to understand so intelligence will take control of decision and direction of the soul which is part of the thinking process. The conspiracy is to just split the unit of 1 into 2 and prevent the reverse from happening because that would consolidate the mind with the body because the difference of time created will have memory. Please we're dependent on each other in life, be basic.mental illness

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