Unable to install or try ubuntu 14.04 on an optiplex 3050 Dell PC, all I get is a black screen!

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I know that this question has been asked a lot but I did try all the solutions but nothing worked for me.

I tried to boot in uefi mode but the startup menu is black and when I pick the try ubuntu option , I get a black screen then the monitor enters in energy saving mode.

I also tried to boot with legacy mode, but once I select the language and set nomodeset and select the try Ubuntu option, it is stuck loading Ubuntu for a while then I get errors related to inode , clearing ext4 blocks

"EXT4-fs error ( device loop0): ext4_clear_blocks:953: inode #41117: comm rs:main Q:Reg: attempt to clear invalid blocks 4333576 len 1"

I did set the BIOS setting as recommended for both modes but nothing good happened till now.

Besides, I was able to install Ubuntu 16.04 with no problems but I do need to get the 14.04 working this time to avoid some incompatibility problems.

You help would be appreciated!

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Answers 1

Please give brief info what all things you tried. Please check ubuntu14.04 iso.Whether it is courrpted ? Try booting from same ISO a but from different computer.Try downloading ISO again.

Mangesh Divate
Mangesh Divate
August 10, 2018 11:44 AM

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