UML Diagram to model Session Expiry

by Daniel   Last Updated May 16, 2018 14:05 PM

Does anyone have a simple UML example that illustrates the process where a user is logged out of their session following a period of inactivity? I'm creating a Functional Spec document from an existing application and am trying to avoid going into too much detail. The Functional Specifications template I'm using suggested adding diagrams for the high-level business processes

I'm not a UML expert (or even a novice) and would appreciate an example or link to the relevant tutorial.

This example seems far too detailed for what I need

More than anything, I really want to know how to represent a system timer in the diagram that would make it obvious to the reader that the timer starts and after a period performs an action. Perhaps I'm overthinking it but this doesn't seem like expressing a "delay" as this question illustrates.

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