Two wordpress with two sitemaps under same domain name

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I have two wordpress installations under one domain name, as this:

I have both of them created in Search Console as independant properties, in Tag Manager each with it's own tag and container, etc.

Just recently I noticed when I add sitemaps in the ExampleWP2 Search Console, it automatically adds the same sitemaps it in the ExampleWP1 Search Console aswell. I don't understand how or why, are the properties linked somehow??

I tested deleting all sitemaps, adding them again, and still happens.

I think I could try deleting all sitemaps from Search Console on both properties and keep them in each site's robots.txt, is that a viable option?

Also, both accounts are linked by the same company email... is it possible for that to be the cause?

Please someone advise, thank you.

Answers 1

Google does only see one website with a subdirectory

So it's quite fair it believes is the root of this unique website where the sitemap should be found.

For a better control on your different websites, you should consider using an other domain name such as or even a subdomain would be enough

August 02, 2019 08:35 AM

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