To meet WACG AA on desktops, what is the minimum space required between two click targets?

by Anand Geetey   Last Updated May 07, 2018 17:16 PM - source

I have already looked at these: 1. WCAG 2.1 for Target size 2. button sizes on web pages on Stack Exchange 3. Material Design Google Guidelines for Buttons 4. Spacing between UI components on Stack Exchange 5. Proposed SC Target Size on W3C

None of these tell us for certain what is the minimum spacing required between two click targets on Desktops while being compliant to WCAG AA. Either I am missing the term that is being used to define this in WCAG Guidelines or this is not defined yet. If this is not defined yet then how much space (in pixels) should I be keeping between two click targets?

Also if possible please guide on the minimum size required for related UI Elements such as Buttons and Links for being AA Compliant on Desktops.

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