Thin flat cabinet door pull that mounts on the edge of the door rather than the face

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I vaguely recall long ago seeing flat plastic or metal door pulls that mount to the edge of the door rather than the front face of the door. The long front protruding edge of the pull is rounded for better grasp.

These are meant for cabinet doors that mount flush to the edge of the cabinet rather than closing on the outside of the cabinet. They lend a sleek modern minimalist look.

Am I crazy or do these exist?

If they exist, where/how might I get some? What are they called?

I searched web site, and asked two human staffers, but no luck.

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I think you might be referencing what is commonly called an edge pull. There are many manufacturers, each with their own selection of styles and finishes. This one (not an endorsement) is made by a fairly steady cabinet hardware company called Amerock:

enter image description here

Jimmy Fix-it
Jimmy Fix-it
June 30, 2020 02:39 AM

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