Telegram calls via Dante socks5 proxy server not working

by Steve Stifler   Last Updated April 16, 2018 12:02 PM - source

I've confugured Dante 1.4on Ubuntu 16.04 as a socks5 proxy for Telegram.

Chats are working, but voice calls are not, failing at "Connecting".

Is there something special I need to configure in order to proxy Telegram voice traffic?

I'm using a single non priveleged (>1024) TCP/UDP port + login + password for connection.

Thats piece of log while i am trying to call somebody:

Apr 15 23:05:38 (1523736338.510915) danted[22977]: info: pass(1): udp/udpassociate [: username%[email protected]

Apr 15 23:08:33 (1523736513.020190) danted[22989]: info: pass(1): udp/udpassociate [: username%[email protected]

I can answer the call at destination device but connection is looping and getting error after 30 seconds


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