TDE - Transform Array Occurrence as Column

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In TDE, I’m trying to transform and make the array occurrences as columns. Is it possible?

In ODH, we have harmonized JSON payloads that utilize array objects to store repeating occurrence in code & value (aka key value) format. An example given below, “Addr” array that carries multiple addresses of a customer.

    "Name": "Mike John", 
    "Addr": [
    "AddrTypeCd": "MailingAddress", 
    "Addr1": "911 FORBES AVE", 
    "Addr2": "SUITE XXX", 
    "CityName": "asdfasfd", 
    "StateProvCd": "PA", 
    "PostalCode": "15219"
    "AddrTypeCd": "OfficeAddress", 
    "Addr1": "911 Watson AVE", 
    "Addr2": "SUITE XXX", 
    "CityName": "asdfasfd", 
    "StateProvCd": "CT", 
    "PostalCode": "15119"

For above example, I want the TDE view to return customer name, mailing address, office address as a single row. Is it doable? I couldn’t find any relevant TDE documentation. If it is possible, can you please get me a sample TDE view definition or any reference document?

PS: I’d like to avoid harmonization changes to make every occurrence as a JSON property and also avoid separate TDE view for every array object (due to SQL joins).

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