Synchronizing lists between visitors

by JohnTheSyncer   Last Updated May 22, 2020 21:16 PM - source

I have an app that allows users to browse stored data in a list format. All users see the same state of the data. Users can click on a "hide" button which removes a particular item from the list and this action is propagated to all other connected users with the help of WebSockets.

The issue is that if user A starts removing some items from the list, all other connected users will see a "jumping" list and will not be able to do anything until user A stops.

Is there a UX pattern or some study case that would help me avoid the "jumping" issue? I know that I could just "disable" removed items or just make them grey + unclickable, but I would like to keep the feeling that the list is getting shorter thanks to other users.

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