Switching between film and digital during the same shoot

by Brandon   Last Updated March 12, 2018 21:18 PM

If in digital shoot and I adjust my settings to the same thing that I am going to shoot with film, so for example ISO 400, strobe power xyz,etc.and shoot it with digital first, then can I confidently switch cameras and shoot the same thing on film? or still there are smaller nuances ? So idea is first I shoot it in digital, once it looks good than I shoot it with the same settings on film

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I think you will be OK. Before the digital era, we did the same type of switcheroo. We loaded Polaroid film, made test shots, when satisfied; we loaded film and took the shots. This was especially helpful when slide film was called for because this material has low tolerance for color and exposure error.

Just keep in mind, the digital camera can have lots of tricks up its sleeve that might sneak in and apply some corrections and enhancements. What I am saying is, if the digital shots are to serve as benchmarks, be sure you turn off as much automation as possible.

Alan Marcus
Alan Marcus
March 12, 2018 20:58 PM

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